ESTRAMET S 77 – The coolant revolution

Unleash the cutting power


ESTRAMET S 77 is a mineral oil-free high performance product based on synthetic ester oils. This coolant of the latest generation combines high performance with ideal cost efficiency. The product is especially recommended for hard to machine materials such as high-alloyed steel, aluminium-, titanium- and nickel-base alloys. The translucent fluid is an alternative to polymer-based, mineral oil-free coolants.



Efficient by nature.

The innovative formula comprising synthetic ester oils ensures outstanding lubricating properties. ESTRAMET S 77 thus enables the processing of materials that are difficult to machine such as high-alloy steels and titanium and nickel-base alloys.

This metal working fluid is free of mineral oil and any other lubricating substances such as sulphur and chlorine compounds.


This powerhouse is not only stronger, but can also go the distance.

The exceptional lubricating properties reduce wear and tear and thus protect the cutting edges of the tools. Tests have demonstrated that this can increase tool life by up to 100 %.*

And that means more components per tool and fewer tool changes.

* Based on machining tests at PTW Darmstadt. Milling slots in Ti64 and alloy 718


The fastest in town.

Lubrication tests reveal around 40 % lower torques for thread forming compared to the competition’s mineral oil-based products.

The result is sufficient reserves for an increase in cutting parameters. Higher feed rates and cutting speeds increase material removal rates and improve productivity.


Sights always set on the objective.

Sharp tools ensure flawless surfaces and unrivalled machining results. ESTRAMET S 77 reduces the formation of built-up edges and breakage along the cutting edge.

This not only simplifies tight manufacturing tolerances, but also noticeably improves workpiece quality.


An overview of costs at all times.

Lower application concentrations from 3.5 % significantly reduce consumption compared to similar high-performance metal working fluids. Up to 50 % less concentrate is required for new filling and, much more importantly, refilling.

The lower oil content of the emulsion also keeps components and machines cleaner, which simplifies the cleaning process. Even the shavings are cleaner and thus easier to recycle.

The emulsion also boasts a long service life, ensuring longer change intervals and a reduction in machine downtime.

Available Packaging Sizes

Can 20 litres

Can 20 litres

Barrel 202 litres

Barrel 202 litres

IBC 1020 litres

IBC 1020 litres

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